Lattenberger Riesling - Sylvaner

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Content: 75cl

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The grape variety was bred in 1882 by Professor Hermann Müller from the canton of Thurgau. Contrary to earlier assumptions, it is a cross between the varieties Riesling and Madeleine Royale. The Stäfner Riesling-Sylvaner is a finely fruity, drinkable, elegant wine with a pleasant muscat tone, a rather mild acidity and a wonderful bouquet of delicate floral scents. The grapes of this Riesling-Sylvaner come 100% from the Stäfner Lattenberg, spread over almost 50 meters of altitude. Thanks to the deep moraine soils there, as well as isolated brown earth soils, an unexpected minerality emerges in this Riesling-Sylvaner. The result is a finely fruity, mineral wine with a subtle muscat tone and an incredible salinity. A rather higher acidity for a Riesling-Sylvaner and the wonderful elderberry bouquet round off the wine enjoyment.

100% R-S
Vintage: 2022
Location: Lattenberger
Origin: AOC Zürichsee
Content (ml): 750
% Volume percent: 12
Makes fun until: 2026
- Whole grapes pressed and spontaneously fermented in steel tank - dosed use of sulfur to prevent the biological acid degradation - filtered and bottled