Lattenberger Cuvée Cabernet Barrique

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Content: 75cl

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Our fungus-resistant grape varieties as a cuvée: it includes Cabernet Carbon, Cabernet Cortis and Cabernet Jura - which alone seems rather idiosyncratic. The first two grape varieties were bred at the State Viticultural Institute in 1983 with the idea of reducing the use of pesticides. Cabernet Jura is a breeding of Valentin Blattner with the same intention. Together, the three varieties make a unique cuvée that is aged in barriques for nine months and then aged in bottle. A pithy, powerful red wine with a special aromatic expression that makes every dinner a unique occasion.

35% Cabernet Carbon
35% Cabernet Jura
30% Cabernet Cortis
Vintage: 2019
Location: Lattenberger
Origin: AOC Zürichsee
Content (ml): 750
% Volume percent: 13
Makes fun until: 2030
- is composed of 35% Cabernet Carbon, 30% Cabernet Cortis and 35% Cabernet Jura. - Grapes fermented together after harvesting using the "traditional" maceration method - pressed after fermentation and put into barriques for malolactic fermentation - drawn off in July, bottled in August 2021, then stowed for aging until ready to drink