Stäfner Doral

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Doral is a cross between Chasselas and Chardonnay and is especially popular in western Switzerland. The grape variety tends to have high sugar content and a strong fruit expression. For Doral, we aim for 9.5% by volume, with residual sugar varying. Aged for ten months in used barriques, it acquires a complexity with aromas of dried apricot, date and caramelized apple. A somewhat sweet dessert wine that scores with its freshness and lightness. For a relaxing end to the evening.

100% Doral
Vintage: 2020
Location: Stäfner
Origin: AOC Zürichsee
Content (ml): 500
% Volume percent: 9.5
Makes fun until: 2032
- Grapes crushed after harvest, put in cold storage for two days for cold standing - then pressed and fermented spontaneously - fermentation stopped at 9.5% by volume, young wine placed in wood until April 2022 - bottled in April 2022